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Automatic dispensing system for pharmacies

Qx Robotics Pvt. Ltd
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The task of a pharmacist is to advise their customers regarding their medication. Pharmacists often spend a significant amount of time fetching medications. How convenient would it be if the medications came to the pharmacist instead of the other way around?

The medication dispensing solution by Qx Robotics was precisely designed for this purpose. While there are already several medication dispensing solutions available, Qx Robotics focuses primarily on this sector. These solutions are often expensive and unaffordable for many smaller pharmacies.

The Qx-Dextron, Qx Robotics’ medication dispensing system, is a cost-effective tabletop device that can dispense both medication strips (such as blister packs) and medication boxes. Unlike conventional pharmacy automation solutions that can only dispense boxes, the Qx-Dextron, thanks to its innovative design, can handle more challenging products like medication blister packs. The Qx-Dextron’s actuation system is based on an XYZ portal system by igus.

The advantages of the Qx-Dextron are manifold:

  • Accelerated Dispensing

    : The product can significantly speed up dispensing, reducing the time spent on medication distribution to less than a third of the traditional process.

  • Cost Efficiency

    : Due to its affordable automation system, the Qx-Dextron can pay for itself within a year in the pharmacy.

  • Energy Efficiency

    : The custom electronics of the Dextron make it energy-efficient, with an average power consumption of less than 1 kWh per day.

  • Adaptability and Space Savings

    : The product’s dimensions can be customized according to customer preferences, and the system is stackable and space-saving.

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