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Pick and place with igus line gantry in combination with a flow gripper

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A robot line portal is a specific type of robotic system widely used in various industrial sectors. It consists of a robotic arm that is moved along a line or rail to perform a series of tasks.In the food industry, as shown in the igus customer test, such a system can be used for “pick and place” tasks, for example.

The robotic arm, equipped with a flow gripper, can pick up food products and place them in another location. This can be useful for packaging processes, sorting tasks, or other applications.

The video could show how the robot line portal at igus is in action, efficiently and precisely performing various tasks. It could also highlight the benefits of this system, such as its speed, accuracy, and the ability to increase productivity and reduce the workload of employees. It would be an impressive insight into igus’ advanced robotic technology and its application in the food industry.

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