igus Robot Control

Part No.: RBTX-IGUS-0201

igus® Robot Control enables simple and intuitive robot programming and control and an easy entry into automation. Due to the modular design, different robot kinematics can be controlled, for example, delta robots, linear robots and multi-axis joint robots. The software can be used to simulate the individual movements of the robot on the 3D interface - the robot does not need to be connected for this step.

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Free Download

Download the software and test if on your computer

Download the software now for free. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the user interface and functions even before you buy the components. With the Digital Twin you get an overview of the possibilities of your robot. (System requirements: Windows 10 PC, free USB 2.0 port, Ethernet port, 500 MB free storage)

Download now - It's free

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Defining robot commands with teach-in programming

For simple and complicated movements

The so-called "teach-in programming" of the robot is carried out in the following steps:

  1. Move the robot manually to the desired positions that you want to use and save.

  2. Record the positions and define how they should be approached (linear, joint motion, base orientation or tool orientation).

  3. Repeat these steps until you have created the desired motion profile. You can complete the program with commands via digital inputs and outputs or program flow commands. The integrated program editor is available for setting up and editing the programs. Try it out yourself.

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Preinstalled kinematics

Just select your kinematics. Done.

The kinematics of all supported robots are already pre-installed. You do not have to measure or download anything. Just select the appropriate kinematics from the product database and the Digital Twin is ready to use.

Virtuelle Box irc

Safety box

Test the workspace of the robot virtually

With the Safetybox function you can mark a virtual room in the 3D surface of the software, which the Digital Twin must not leave. Use it to simulate obstacles such as enclosures in order to test the spatial conditions. This function is not a safety function.

robosteuer 5m CMYK (1)

Optional handheld with touch screen

Choose the right setup for you.

You can control the robot either from your Windows 10 PC or from the optional handheld with touch screen. On the PC the robot can be programmed via a graphical user interface. With the handheld you can control the robot with a joystick and start programs via the touch screen. In addition, you can also connect a gamepad to your Windows PC for control as an alternative to the handheld. With this handheld, the robot runs autonomously without the computer after programming via the Windows PC.

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